Upstream 18

Upstream Music Festival 2018 – Day Two, 6/2
Photos by Kirk Stauffer

Zola Jesus

In June, Upstream Music Fest + Summit drew over 30,000 attendees to the Pioneer Square district of Seattle for three days of music. The festival featured over 200 performers, many from the Northwest, in 15+ venues and twin outdoor Sound Lot main stages. Over 30 buskers performed throughout Pioneer Square.

Elise Trouw

Zola Jesus

Whitney Lyman

Allison Preisinger

Maiah Wynne & Her Sleepness Knights

Allison Shirk

Mother Of Pearl / Christa Wells

Misundvrstood and Gypsy Temple

Tekla Waterfield

Jean Deaux

Heather Thomas & Dune Butler

Kristen Marlo

Micaiah Sawyer

Debbie Miller

Great Grandpa


Star Meets Sea


Upstream Music Festival 2018 – Day One, 6/1
Photos by Monica Martinez

So Pitted

Congratulations to Upstream Music Festival, who celebrated its second year in June, 2018. For day one, we’ve got photos of Colleen Green, So Pitted, Dryland, Brackets and Blood Drugs. Most of these bands are signed on Seattle labels, and Brackets will be at this year’s Freakout Fest in November. We’ll also have days two & three up shortly, so stay tuned!

Colleen Green

Blood Drugs

So Pitted




Upstream Music Fest and Summit
June 1st – 3rd, 2018