SXSW 2023 Preview

Preview SXSW 23 Catching Bands T-Y

Japanese artists are on my mind as I post this final SXSW 23 preview. Also, some other great female musicians make themselves heard in a big way. I hope these posts have helped make any attendee decide on which shows will be fun!

The Tiva
Tokyo, Japan
Schedule for the Tiva

Garage duo the Tiva – singer/guitarist Maya Akechi, and drummer Sachi – have a couple of appearances lined up, including the Tokyo Calling showcase on March 13th.

The Tiva – photo from the Tina’s Facebook


London, England
Schedule for Warmduscher

Rock band with the most peculiar member names – Clams Baker Jr, Lightnin’ Jack Everett , Quicksand , Mr. Salt Fingers Lovecraft  and The Witherer aka Little Whiskers – have just released a new song called “Love Strong.” A fan? Check it out over here.

Warmduscher – from Warmduscher’s Bandcamp


Alexandra Whittingham
Manchester, England
Schedule for Alexandra Whittingham

Do you like some classical guitar? Alexandra Whittingham is a classical guitarist with an impressive education (Chetham’s School of Music, London’s the Royal Academy of Music in London). She has performed all over the world, and has an adorable cat.

Alexandra Whittingham – photo from Alexandra Whittingham’s Facebook


Melbourne, Australia
Schedule for Woodes

Woodes will be worth checking out just for her clothing itself, but she’s also a wonderful pop artist. Not sure if she will work some creative outfits into her set – maybe? The producer/songwriter draws from different arts, and incorporates them into her presence.

Woodes – photo by Jordan Drysdale


Tokyo, Japan
Schedule for YU-KA

Singer-songrwriter YU-KA will have her first tour of the US this year. Welcome, YU-KA! Last year, she had a huge hit with the song “No Stars.”



PreviewSXSW 23Catching Bands R-S

Close to wrapping up features on just some of the great bands coming to SXSW this year. Today’s list includes artists from Spain, Ukraine, Ireland and more. Electronic, rock, metal. . . whatever you fancy is there for you.

Rakky Ripper
Granada, Spain
Schedule for Rakky Ripper

Rakky Ripper just celebrated her birthday – happy belated birthday! The Spanish electronic pop artist captured the attention of none other than Charli XCX, and has been in Vogue.

Rakky Ripper – photo from Rakky Ripper’s Facebook


Red Rum Club
Liverpool, England
Schedule for Red Rum Club

Indie sextet from Liverpool – one band member plays the trumpet – has an excellent label home at Modern Sky Records. The label includes Sad Boys Club and Crawlers, and that’s awesome.

Red Rum Club – photo from Red Rum Club’s Facebook


Stuttgart, Germany
Schedule for Rikas

Not many German artists popping up this year, so if you are a Germanophile, check out Rikas. The pop rock band also has released an amazing looking blue vinyl of their first album, Swabian Samba.

Rikas – photo by Lisa Nguyen


Sydney, Australia
Schedule for Salarymen

Australia’s Salarymen have four shows at this year’s SXSW, plus thee rock duo had shows in Japan last year. Renee (de la Motte) told AnalogueTrash, about their beginnings: “We started dating while Thom (Eagleton) was in bands around Sydney (several of which fizzled out sadly) and decided together that now was the time to start our own project! That way, the only way the band could break up is if we did!”

Don’t break up.

Salarymen – photo by Matt Sitas


The Scratch
Dublin, Ireland
Schedule for the Scratch

Rock group the Scratch, who are from Dublin, gamely posed with pugs one time. This is the best. They will tour the United States and Canada for the first time, and, while scratch can mean many things, I’m guessing they mean money.

The Scratch – photo from the Scratch’s Facebook


Cologne, Germany
Schedule for Sparkling

Sparkling, the second German band to turn up in today’s suggestions, is a trio from Cologne. Their track “I Want to See Everything” got remixed by fellow German Felix Martin of Hot Chip. That’s some wonderful attention.

Sparkling – photo courtesy Moshi Moshi Records


Dobropillia, Ukraine
Schedule for SpivOberta

Electronic duo from the Denotsk region in Ukraine. Returning for a third visit to SXSW, they’re electronic and folk (Kirill Vakare plays the flute!) Last year, the pair released an EP called Tysha, which means silence in Ukrainian. On their SoundCloud, they described the EP as “. . . songs about love, about separation of people and strong feelings that help us deal with war.” 

SpivOberta – photo from SpivOberta’s Facebook


Sports Team
London, England
Schedule for Sports Team

London’s Sports Team have been around approximately 6 years and they’ve already had one Mercury Prize nomination. They’re known for great live shows and this will be their first appearance at SXSW. The rock group formed at the University of Cambridge, and I think that gives them intriguing clout.

Sports Team – photo from Sports Team’s Bandcamp


Sunflower Bean
New York, New York
Schedule for Sunflower Bean

New York’s Sunflower just rocks. I saw them open for Interpol a number of year’s ago and I was so involved in their set. The trio makes a return appearance at SXSW, and I say, don’t miss them.

Sunflower Bean – photo from Sunflower Bean’s Facebook


PreviewSXSW 23Catching Bands N-P

Now, onto artists N-P. Female Japanese musicians stand out, as does an English stoner rock band from England called Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs.

Haru Nemuri
Yokohama, Japan
Schedule for Haru Nemuri

Tokyo-based Haru Nemuri (real name Haruna Kimishima) could be loosely described as J-pop, although she brings in other elements to her music. She’s filmed her videos everywhere from Moscow to Los Angeles. Good to see her back in the States after her tours kept getting postponed due to COVID.

Haru Nemuri – photo from Haru Nemuri’s Facebook


Tokyo, Japan
Schedule for NEMOPHILA

Another female act from Japan! A metal quintet from Tokyo, NEMOPHILA, they’re named after the flower. Don’t let that fool you though, these women shred. And scream.

NEMOPHILA – photo from NEMOPHILA’s Facebook


New Order
Manchester, England
Schedule for New Order

The always-loved New Order is one of the biggest acts of this year’s music festival and they really don’t need an introduction. I do want to point out the electronic band now has an awesome shirt, whose profits go to the British Red Cross to help the Ukraine.

New Order – photo from New Order’s Facebook


Kyoto, Japan
Schedule for NTsKi

Yet one more female Japanese artist! A bit of Jpop, a bit of experimentation, NTsKi’s 2021 album, Orca, was released on Orange Milk Records. It’s a very intriguing label.

NTsKi – photo from NTsKi’s Facebook


Worthing, England
Schedule for NOISY

English drum and bass trio is a definite yes. From the same city as Royal Blood’s Mike Kerr, I’m thinking that is a great place.

NOISY – photo from NOISY’s Facebook


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs
Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Schedule for Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

Call them Pigsx7 if you want to make it easier. The psychedelic rock should do their song, “Big Rig’. Is that too much to ask? Seattleites: Pigsx7 will be at Madame Lou’s on March 25th.

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – photo from Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs’ Facebook


Amsterdam, Netherlands
Schedule for Pol

Siblings Ruben Pol and Matthijs Pol come from the Netherlands and make new wave music. I’m checking out their song “Modern Strange Love,” and it is spot-on.

Pol – photo from Pol’s Facebook


Preview – SXSW 23 – Catching Bands I-M

Nearly halfway through just some of the bands you’d want to see at SXSW this year. There seems to be a large number of Irish band’s on my radar. Plus, there’s a unique Ukrainian artist visiting Texas.

Manchester, England
Schedule for IST IST

IST IST – photo by Tom White – Black Rock Creative

IST IST, a rock band from Manchester, England, heads to SXSW to share music from their new album, Protagonists. The quartet founded their own record label, Kind Violence Records. Always impressive, and even more so as they did this during the pandemic.


Jaguar Jonze
Brisbane, Australia
Schedule for Jaguar Jonze

Jaguar Jonze (Deena Lynch) released her debut album, BUNNY MODE, last year. The Australian rocker/singer-songwriter is never afraid to share her art and opinions.

Jaguar Jonze – photo by She is Aphrodite


Berlin, Germany
Schedule for Jealous

Last year, Jealous, a Berlin, Germany trio asked the musical question “Why Can’t I Touch It?” That track, by the way, is a Buzzcocks cover. They have their own music, but I think they fit very well with Buzzcocks.

Jealous – photo by Kek Discreto



Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine
Schedule for KRUTb

Ukraininan KRUTb (Maryna Kurt ) will make her American debut at SXSW. A player of the bandura, a Ukrainian instrument, KRUTb is also a singer. In a recent post, KRUTb sang, Instead of the sounds of city sirens, sing me beautiful songs/We will all wake up one day from spring and good news.

KRUTb – photo from KRUTb’s Facebook


Manchester, England
Schedule for Larkins

Another Manchester, England band. JCOY, the band’s first album, found them working with Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk, and producers such as Alex H.N. Gilbert (Freya Ridings) and Dan Nigro (Olivia Rodriquez).



Lorelei K
Dallas, Texas
Schedule for Lorelei K

Ah yes, here’s none other than Texas’ Lorelei K. Her Bandcamp describes her as avant-pop, a genre that sounds mighty good to me. The prolific, Dallas-based singer-songwriter performed at last year’s Dallas Pride.

Lorelei K


Dublin, Ireland
Schedule for milk.

Indie quartet from Dublin, Ireland’s milk. has a few scheduled in America this March, including a stop at SXSW. Actually, the band revealed in Bodega Nottingham that these will be their first dates in America ever.

milk. – photo by Nicholas O’Donnell

Drogheda, Ireland
Schedule for modernlove

It’s another group from Ireland! What’s going on in Ireland? modernlove describes themselves as pop/rock, that fits, and means they have a wider appeal. BTW, this is one of the bands that has a show in Seattle (March 24th @ Madame Lou’s).

modernlove – photo from modernlove’s Facebook


mui zyu
London, England
Schedule for mui zyu

Hongkonger/British mui zyu (Eva Liu) has a brand new album out called Rotten Bun for an Eggless Century. By new, I mean it just was released last week. That has to be one of my favorite album names for this year. Loads of genres joining in her work.

mui zyu photo fro mui zyu’s Facebook


PreviewSXSW 23 Catching Bands F-H

On to another set of a few suggested acts appearing at SXSW 23. This list features bands from the UK, Australia, Germany and Italy, and as always, if there’s no video, it means there were some pesky copyright rules on YouTube.

Folly Group
London, England
Schedule for Folly Group

Rock quartet who, I see, was praised by none other than Joe Talbot of Idles. Their debut EP, Human and Kind, features the excellent track “I Raise You (The Price of Your Head).”

Folly Group – photo by Alex Waespi


The Foreign Resort
Copenhagen, Denmark
Schedule for the Foreign Resort

The Foreign Resort’s Bandcamp describes them as dark new-wave, a genre I can always get behind. Decibel called the trio’s 2019 album, Outnumbered, “a gem of black leather noisy shimmery, and grim portent.”

The Foreign Resort


Adelaide, Australia
Schedule for Germein

This trio of Australian sisters toured with Little Mix in the UK, which, I think is awesome. They’ll also tour with the Corrs this fall. Also impressive.



Berlin, Germany
Schedule for GEWALT

Ah yes, some industrial music! From Germany! Cause for celebration indeed. Appropriately, GEWALT means strength in German.

Gewalt – photo by Frank Egel


London, England
Schedule for Girli

London pop artist Girli seems really in to bright colors. And bright music. Born as Amelia Toomey, she’s joined all this sparkle with feminist ethos.

Girli – from Girli’s Facebook


Milan, Italy
Schedule for Giungla

Milan-based GIUNGLA (aka Ema Drei ) has shared stages with Franz Ferdinand, Battles and Grimes. She’s an intriguing act for sure who should have a great live show. Also, GIUNGLA means jungle in Italian.

Giungla – photo Olimpia Rende


Annie Hamilton
Sydney, Australia
Schedule for Annie Hamilton

Annie Hamilton is another of the great female artists from Australia heading to SXSW this year. The singer-songwriter happened to have done a smashing cover last year of Supergrass’ “Alright.”

Annie Hamilton – photo from Hamilton’s Facebook


Manchester, England
Schedule for THE HARA

Brits THE HARA is a confident rock “genre fluid” trio from Manchester. Look at them! Lots to look at here. And their show should be loud and LIVELY.

THE HARA – photo from the HARA’s Facebook


London, England
Schedule for Heartworms

In an interview with The Quietus, Heartworms (Jojo Orme) described her music as dystopian. But it’s also very pretty. I guess dystopian can be pretty and deep, too.

Heartworms – photo by Tom White


PreviewSXSW 23 Catching Bands A-E

Part one of our preview of SXSW 2023 begins with some details on a few of the great artists heading to Texas. We’ll be doing this alphabetically, with A-E beginning the features. If there is no video, that’s because one was not available, like copyright wouldn’t allow to share them.

Schedule for Adwaith

Punk trio whose lyrics are in Welsh. Winners of the Welsh Music Prize (twice) for both albums they’ve released.

Adwaith – photo by Siân Adler


London, UK
Schedule for ALASKA

Electronic duo, they opened up a Crowdfunder to help them get to SXSW, and here they come!

ALASKALASKA – photo by Tami Aftab


Schedule for Augustine

Augustine (real name Timothy More) is a multitalented producer who will make his American debut at the festival.

Augustine – photo by David Sahlberg

Avalanche Party
Yorkshire/the Moors/Middlesbrough, UK
Schedule for Avalance Party

Punk rock band. Their SoundCloud describes them as feral.

Avalanche Party


Beverly Kills
Gotenburg, Sweden
Schedule for Beverly Kills

Another punk rock band. This one comes from Sweden and just released their debut album, Kaleido, in September 2022. They’ve also toured with Wolf Alice.

Beverly Kills – photo by Jakob Ekvall

Brìghde Chaimbeaul
Isle of Sky, Scotland
Schedule for Brìghde Chaimbeaul

Chaimbeul is a bagpipe player! How cool is that? She’s also got equally intriguing sisters, who are harpists.

Brìghde Chaimbeu – photo by Steve Bliss


Tokyo, Japan
Schedule for Chameleon Lime WHooipie

Dance Pop band fronted by the striking Chi-.

Chi- of CHAMELEON LIME WHOOPIEPIE – photo by Masato Yokohama


Liverpool, England
Schedule for Crawlers

British quintet who has opened for My Chemical Romance. Cool!



Dream Wife
London, England
Schedule for Dream Wife

More rock from England. Am I stuck on this theme?



Eydís Evensen
Reykjavik, Iceland
Schedule for Eydís Evensen

Nordic pianist. Evensen also used to be a choir singer.

Eydís Evensen – photo by Sunna Björk