Photos: The Audacity, White Night, Bad Motivators & Lindseys @ Black Lodge

Fullerton, California’s the Audacity hit the Black Lodge on January 4th. The foursome tackles more dates this spring with the Coathangers – check them out, odds are good they’re heading to a city very near you! This is an exciting live band. Opening for the Audacity in Seattle were White Night, Bad Motivators and Lindseys. […]

Show Review & Photos: Ty Segall, The Audacity & Idle Times @ the Crocodile

“Ty always draws a sausage fest!”– Matt Schmalfeld of The Audacity, post-show. Well, to be fair and balanced, that was not totally in evidence at Seattle’s Crocodile on July 29th – there were definitely lots of girls in the audience. But, sure, the vibe was a little testosterone-y, but in a good way. An evening […]

Show Review & Photos: Total Slacker, PAWS & Flashlights @ El Corazon

Total Slacker, PAWS & Flashlights @ El Corazon, 9/29/14 Show Review & Photos by Abby Williamson Total Slacker Hidden away in this rather sketchy corner of Eastlake Avenue sits El Corazon – a venue that I have literally only been to once before, at the second show I ever photographed, five years ago. What band, […]

Photos: Death Valley Girls @ Chop Suey

Death Valley Girls w/ Branden Daniel and the Chics & Eli @ Chop Suey, 9/24/17 Photos by Simon Krane Bonnie Bloomgarden of Death Valley Girls Yes, Death Valley Girls lists the night time as their influence on Facebook. The Californian quartet spent an evening at Chop Suey in September, sharing their garage vibes, and also […]