Show Preview: Bumbershoot – Sat. 9/1

Show Preview: Bumbershoot – Saturday – 9/1/18

Day two of Bumbershoot is tomorrow, Saturday September 1st. What a great way to begin a whole new month. As on Friday’s schedule, I’m highlighting a lot of electronic music. This year has yet another excellent lineup in that genre, my favorite.


Trevor Little @ Ex Hall Stage, 3:10-3:40

See Friday, August 31st


Ducky @ Ex Hall Stage, 4:00-4:40


Top 3 Artist Facts:

Ducky is a Los-Angeles based DJ who began DJing at the age of 13.

Real name Morgan Neiman, she has a fantastic anime look.

She recently did a mix on BBC1.


DJ Khanvict @ Ex Hall Stage, 5:00-5:45

DJ Khanvict

Top 3 Artist Facts:

DJ Khanvict immigrated from Pakistan to Canada in 2001.

His name in real life is Asad Khan.

In July, he played a Canada Day celebration in Burnaby, BC.


Marian Hill @ Fisher Green Stage, 6:00-6:40

Marian Hill

Top 3 Artist Facts:

Jeremy Lloyd and Samantha Gongol are Marian Hill.

The pair met in high school, and stayed in touch through university.

Marian Hill got its name from musical The Music Man. Two characters’ names were combined: Marian Paroo and Harold Hill.


Illenium @ the Main Stage, 7:35-8:35


Top 3 Artist Facts:

Illenium’s worked with artists such as Daya and Quinn XCII.

He has his own musical label, Kasaya.

If you refer to him as Mr. Miller, he’ll probably respond. His given name is Nicholas Miller.


Chromeo @ Fisher Green Stage, 9:45-11:00


Top 3 Artist Facts:

Chromeo’s fifth album, Head Over Heels, just came out in June 2018.

The duo, David Macklovitch and Patrick Gemayel, have great legs.

Macklovitch’s home was recently featured in Architecture Digest. Cool place!


Tritonal @ Ex Hall Stage, 9:45-11:00


Top 3 Artist Facts:

Tritonal has released many singles and remixed many, many songs.

The busy duo have done a couple styles of electronic music: house and trance.

Tritonal’s showed some love for Sweden by picking Swedish singer SHY Martin for the title track of 2016’s Painting With Dreams.


Saturday, September 1st Full Schedule