Photos: Carrie Fisher Vigil at The Seattle Center

Friday, December 30th was a night like any other. I casually and aimlessly ended up at Seattle Center, where I took a walk with my new Christmas camera. While I looked around for something interesting to photograph, I noticed a Jedi appear out of the darkness. Yes, that was a little weird, but hey, Seattle is a little weird.

A few minutes later I noticed two Princess Leias standing under a street lamp. Clearly something was going on, so I decided to follow the next character that materialized.

Happily a short few minutes passed when another Jedi appeared so I stealthily followed him to the Space Needle where it looked a little like the Cantina at Mos Eisley.

The 501 Legion put on a nice tribute to Carrie Fisher with an appropriate moment of silence.

The characters looked great and every kid there had eyes huge with excitement. The men and women of the 501st did a wonderful job of playing to the kids. After a while, it felt like we were actually at Echo base on Hoth.

Thank you to the 501st for putting on a fun, family-friendly event where all ages had a great time, while remembering the real Princess Leia.

Photos by John Rudolph