Photos: Bethany Joy Lenz @ Capps Club

It was opening weekend at Capps Club in Kenmore, NE of Seattle and Bethany Joy Lenz headlined in the packed room. Billed as “Joy Lenz & the Firepit Band,” the actress, singer-songwriter and filmmaker is best known for her portrayal of Haley James Scott on One Tree Hill. Seattle-based singer-songwriter Kristen Palmer opened.

1 BethanyJoyLenz ND5_5101-a

2 BethanyJoyLenz ND5_5000-a

3  BethanyJoyLenz ND5_4904-a

4 BethanyJoyLenz ND5_5108-a

5 BethanyJoyLenz ND5_5093-a

6 BethanyJoyLenz ND5_4991-a

7 BethanyJoyLenz ND5_5083-a

8 BethanyJoyLenz ND5_5060-a

9 BethanyJoyLenz ND5_5146-a

10 BethanyJoyLenz ND5_5163-a

11  BethanyJoyLenz ND5_4947-a

12 BethanyJoyLenz ND5_5103-a

13 BethanyJoyLenz ND5_4929-a

14 BethanyJoyLenz ND5_5050-a

15 BethanyJoyLenz ND5_5066-a

16 BethanyJoyLenz ND5_5150-a

17 BethanyJoyLenz ND5_5155-a

18 BethanyJoyLenz ND5_4962-a

19 BethanyJoyLenz ND5_5076-a

20 BethanyJoyLenz ND5_5182-a

21 BethanyJoyLenz ND5_4978-a

22 BethanyJoyLenz ND5_5057-a

23 BethanyJoyLenz ND5_5136-a
Bethany Joy Lenz

26 BethanyJoyLenz

24 BethanyJoyLenz

25 BethanyJoyLenz
Kristen Palmer


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