Show Preview: Capitol Hill Block Party: Friday, Day 1 w/ Protomartyr, Acid Tongue & More

Capitol Hill Block Party, the annual music festival that dominates the Capitol Hill neighborhood every summer, starts tomorrow, Friday July 24th. I narrowed down the list of acts playing the first day to seven bands (most of them local), whom I am highlighting as a few of my favorites. And Capitol Hill, with those cool, freshly-painted rainbow crosswalks, is ready to. . . well, party!

4:30 @ Neumos Stage
Murder Vibes

Electronic duo Murder Vibes, from Seattle, technically play a genre they call themselves: noir-pop. That is probably a better descriptor of the group rather than just electronic. In any case, with that self-titled debut album from last year, including songs such as “Not Alone Tonight” and “Oceans,” I think these guys are really something to look forward to.

Murder Vibes

4:30 @ Barboza Stage
Whitney Lyman

What a pretty and avian voice singer-songwriter Whitney Lyman possesses. Listen to one of her new tracks, “Laser Beam,” and see what I mean. Lyman, who studied jazz, also collaborates with other Seattle musicians, including Theoretics and Vox Mod.

Whitney Lyman – photo by Sunny Facer


5:30 @ Barboza Stage
Acid Tongue

Although they go by Charlie, Clarke, Chad and Chet Manson (that name sticks), not to give too much away but really Acid Tongue features members of Seattle’s Motopony, Fox and the Law, the Mama Rags and Dark Hip Falls. I have a feeling this band will do whatever it wants, and Fox and the Law’s Guy Keltner sings, so, it’s some great stuff. Have a listen to “I Died Dreaming.”

Acid Tongue

7:00 @ Vera Stage

British DJ/Producer Daktyl should have a huge draw for his early evening, all-ages show at the Vera Project’s stage. And did you know the word daktyl comes from the word for digit in Greek, and the name for a weird, “archaic mythical race of small phallic male beings” (Wikipedia)?! Returning from that digression, Daktyl is another act I highly recommend you check out. He sounds really, really super.



8:15 @ Vera Stage

Protomartyr, a Detroit quartet signed to Seattle’s Hardly Art label, make my list because it’s one of the acts I tell you not to miss. For real. Like finish whatever you’re doing at Block Party really quickly and be really rude if you must. Tell whomever you’re talking to that they need to shut up because you are listening to Protomartyr. Forget about waiting for your beer, coffee, or ice cream cone. Have you payed for it and not gotten your treat yet? Forget about it. See the tight and rocking Protomartyr.

Protomartyr – photo by Zak Bratto


8:45 @ Cha Cha Stage
Blood Drugs

Punk rock from Seattle, punk rock from Seattle! With some thrash! Cha Cha Stage usually has some of the heavier rock shows, so it’s fitting Blood Drugs will appear in the basement location. Get there early to catch their set as Cha Cha stage can fill up fast – it’s the Cha Cha Lounge, after all. Singer Kyle Bradford uses quite the different set of pipes from his other project, Ghost of Kyle Bradford.

Blood Drugs


11:15 & 12:45 @ Neumos Stage
Thunderpussy & Hobosexual

The excellently-paired double header of Thunderpussy and Hobosexual end Friday’s events. I don’t know if anyone made a poster just for this part of the lineup, but I sure would like to see one. Although this one for Hobosexual is so cool:

hobochbpposter – poster by Jerison Reidell

Perhaps they will do another show together, as two fabulous Seattle rock bands should. Another cool thing is that Thunderpussy’s singer, Molly Sides is currently filming Danger Diva. That’s right, she will be in a movie, with the lead role. But back to Friday night: I’ll emphasize the rock again while talking about these bands. So much rock. So much rock.

Thunderpussy @ Sunset Tavern
Thunderpussy – photo by Alex Crick



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