Show/Movie Preview: March of the Penguins @ Benaroya Hall – Wednesday, July 8th


The Seattle Symphony will perform the beautiful score to the film March of the Penguins, matched along with the film, on Wednesday, July 8th. Alex Wurman, an Emmy Award-winning composer, composed the score with the intention of bridging the gap between nature, in this case penguins, and people: “I believe it is important to allow ourselves to romanticize the penguins lives and the Antarctic, anything to help us connect emotionally with our great responsibility to respect the earth.”

March of the Penguins won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 2005, and if you’ve seen the movie, you understand why. The struggle to survive and to care for loved ones is seen so intimately you will probably cry. The tender moment of penguin parents protecting their egg, suspenseful and adorable, will stick with you. The music emphasizes every emotion. You can argue with me that animals don’t have emotions, but you’re wrong.

For tickets and more information, follow this link to the Seattle Symphony’s event page.



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