Show Preview: Sasquatch! Music Festival – Day 2 w/ODESZA, Vox Mod & More – Saturday, 5/23

The schedule for Saturday’s Sasquatch Music Festival starts to get bigger, which means you’ll have more decisions to make on what to see. I planned this timeline so that you wouldn’t have any overlap to speak of. Bands I’ve highlighted are: ODESZA, Kiesza, King Tuff, Hunter Hunted, Black Pistol Fire, Merchandise and Vox Mod.

1:20-2:05 @ the Bigfoot Stage: Hunter Hunted

I can get behind this pop band. Armed with catchy tunes and I swear I can see some sunlight when I listen to their music, Los Angeles’ Hunter Hunted has a new single out called “Blindside,” so looks like we can hope for additional new music from them soon.

Hunter Hunted

2:00-2:45 @ the Yeti Stage: Black Pistol Fire

Without the blues modern music would probably really suck. Black Pistol Fire knows this. A duo from Canada (there sure seem to be many duos this year), sound sweet and dirty. And because sometimes all you need is a guitar and drums, Black Pistol Fire is pared down and noisy.

Black Pistol Fire

3:30-4:30 @ the Bigfoot Stage: Merchandise

Merchandise makes some very weird music. The song I selected to feature, “Total Nite,” sounds like several all played at once. How does that sound? Confusing and unsettling, and strangely enjoyable. Their Facebook page emphasizes that they’re “fighting against the easy categorization reserved for abbreviated biographies.” Yep.


6:20-7:05 @ El Chupacabra: Vox Mod

Seattle’s Vox Mod (otherwise known as Scot Porter), released his third album, The Great Oscillator, in 2014. Vox Mod’s music makes sound travel tangible.

Vox Mod – photo by Dagmar

7:45-8:45 @ the Yeti Stage: King Tuff

A bit of garage, a lot of ’60s rock, songs such as “Freak When I’m Dead,” and a Sub Pop press release telling us he loves fire, King Tuff should have a good contingent of fans for his evening set. And anyone with a Spock poster and tiger blanket is okay in my book.

King Tuff – photo by Dan Monick

10-11 @ El Chupacabra: Kiesza

In 2014, Calgary, Alberta Canada’s Kiesza made the airwaves her bitch with “Hideaway.” I would guess that hearing it live with tons of other people will be very, very fun. Feel free to sing along please. And dance. Plus singer Kiesa Ellestad has a high voice that actually hits all the notes. I don’t really hear manipulation in the recordings. Check out her cover of Hozier’s “Take Me to the Church.”


11:45-1:00 AM @ El Chupacabra: ODESZA

One of Seattle’s pride and joys, ODESZA, plays a late set. This fabulous electronic duo has gone international, and they deserve their massive success. They’ve sold out shows in Paris, London and elsewhere!

ODESZA – photo by Dagmar


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