Show Preview: Elvis Perkins @ the Triple Door, Tues. 5/19/15

Musician Elvis Perkins returns to Seattle, where he’ll perform at the Triple Door on May 19th. Talk about a great songwriter, including lyricist! And I don’t know if he’s been at the Triple Door before, but this will be a wicked venue for him.

Elvis Perkins

With his new album (the first in six years), I Aubade, Perkins sounds a bit psychedelic. That’s very cool. It’s also a great album, with some songs featuring flute and storm noises (they work!), and it’s Perkins’ first release on his own label, MIR. By the way, I checked out Barnes and Noble’s page for the album, where the instruments Perkins played on this album goes like this: Primary Artist, Flute, Guitar, Piano, Autoharp, Electric Bass, Harmonium, Harpsichord, Sitar, Voices, Xylophone, Bells, Vibes, Charango, Omnichord, gourd, Zampona, Mini Moog, Hand Drums, Trap Kit, Ronroco. That’s right, you see charango on there? That’s a Spanish flute. Perkins is a virtuoso for sure.

Go over to the Triple Door’s event page for details and tickets.


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