Show Review & Photos: Rufus Wainwright @ the Moore Theatre

Rufus Wainwright @ the Moore, 12/6/14
Show Review & Photos by Dagmar

Rufus Wainwright

There are some artists I wouldn’t really hate to see not making music. Sadly there is a lot of disposable music around (I am sorry to say this, sorry!). But the world really would hurt if there were no Rufus Wainwright in the world. Wainwright’s got one of the most unique and beautiful voices and a presence that is huge, glorious.

Seattle’s has been fortunate with Wainwright visiting us numerous times, and while many musicians might do the same thing over and over, Wainwright is always up to something different. He’s composed two operas, Prima Donna and Hadrian in addition to his albums. He’s done covers of standards and set his music to poetry. Wainwright has also worked with a large swathe of talent from Robbie Williams to Jane Birkin, from Pet Shop Boys to David Byrne, and, naturally, his mother Kate McGarrigle and sister Martha Wainwright. How many people can do all those things, or be that ambitious to try?

Another thing I enjoy about Wainwright is his ability to create shows of varying themes. His show in December at the Moore Theatre was a very relaxed Wainwright who chatted with his audience, remembering a woman he ran into earlier in the day. He apologized for not talking with her longer, saying something about needing to be alone with his order of crab cakes waiting for him in his room. It was sweet.

Dressed simply in black, Wainwright performed a large setlist including “Martha” (I could live on that song, thank you very much), “Hallelujah” (I think he does the best of any version I have heard), “The Art Teacher” (yes!), the and spine-tingling “Going To A Town.”

Everybody: Any chance we have to see Rufus Wainwright we need to take. He will move you.




Rufus Wainwright


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