Show Review &Photos: Faith No More @ the Paramount

Faith No More @ the Paramount, 4/16/15
Show Review & Photos by Dagmar

Faith No More‘s Mike Patton

When you begin your show with a song called “Motherfucker,” surely you are up to something naughty and aggressive.

And Faith No More, surrounded by flowers and dressed in white, was up to something very naughty and aggressive as they played the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. I always put Faith No More in the category of bands (along with Future of the Left, the Automatic, Mclusky) I love who yell at me. Sometimes you just need to be yelled at in music, melodically of course. Get jolted.

I’m not saying that singer Mike Patton cannot sing. He’s actually got a great voice, and one that’s just at home when they covered Burt Bacharach’s “This Guy’s in Love With You” and the Commodores’ “Easy” during the rapturously-received show. One girl lifted her top off for, I would say, the duration of entire song. Other fans moshed happily, including one in a wheelchair who was passed along successfully. Faith No More fans are a strong bunch, just as Faith No More is a strong band.

It’s also a band who’s been a major influence throughout their career. I don’t know if it’s annoying or flattering to be copied so much. I would guess it’s a little of both. There’s no grunge without Faith No More. That they carved their own big spot in the musical landscape really doesn’t need mentioning, but the fact that they’re selling out venues after quite a long hiatus (they hadn’t been to Seattle in years), speaks to their importance. The reunion, which has brought about the excellent Sol Invictus (“Superhero” gets a big YES), does not rely on Faith No More classics alone; sure, they performed a wild “Epic,” but left out “We Care a Lot.” That was just fine with the audience, who seemed a little unsure of what the band just did to them. In the best way possible. Faith No More, with funk/rock/punk/noise has that peculiar ability to make a larger show seem intimate.

If you were unlucky and missed this show, be sorry, but Faith No More returns to Seattle for Bumbershoot this Labor Day Weekend!









Faith No More

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