Show Preview: Mariko Ruhle @ the Sunset, Wed. 4/1

The immensely talented singer-songwriter Mariko Ruhle headlines the Sunset, Wednesday April 1st (and that’s no joke. Sorry, I couldn’t resist). Ruhle, who has one of the loveliest voices I have heard, will celebrate the release her new EP, Karass that evening – an album I cannot wait to hear.

Since I met Ruhle a couple years ago, I’ve noticed that she’s always surrounded herself with other talented musicians such as Dearly Departed’s Kira Shea, drummer Al Reiter and guitarist Steve Miller. I think this emphasizes how creative and smart she is about her craft. Ruhle’s voice is warm and entirely embraces a listener’s soul, and the Sunset, with its circular stage, promises to feature her music beautifully.

A while ago I asked Ruhle to play one of Back Beat Seattle’s shows at the Blue Moon. And she said yes, which was surprising and wonderful. I never know which excellent artist will say yes to my request. Anyway, you can see her for yourself tomorrow – and understand why I love this musician so much.

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