Show Preview: The 1975, CRUISR & Young Rising Sons @ the Paramount, Sun. 11/16

Show Preview: the 1975, CRUISR & Young Rising Sons @ the Paramount, Sunday 11/16/14
by Dagmar

The 1975

I couldn’t be happier that Manchester, England’s the 1975 is headlining the Paramount on Sunday. That they’re brining CRUISR and Young Rising Sons with them, two bands you should get to know now, with them is just some extra smooth and tasty gravy.

The 1975 is one of those bands I surely get breathless while talking about, so fortunately I can write something here! A rhythm and blues band to move you, this quartet might just be too good for their own good. Really, this is an enormously fantastic band who puts on a sexerific (this is actually a word!) show. I saw their explosive Seattle sold-out debut at the Showbox in April, and girls and boys were screaming, drooling, getting sexy out on the dance floor. I recommend their show on Sunday, as the Parmount will give fans a larger floor on which to party, and balcony levels from which to ogle the action. This is Sexy Music.

The 1975‘s Matt Healy – photo by Dagmar

And, I say again: openers CRUISR and Young Rising Sons bring the gravy. However one puts it, Philadelphia’s CRUISR romps along with a sound that goes well with the 1975’s, as does New Jersey’s Young Rising Sons’. Young Rising Sons’ self-titled debut EP came out just this summer, and isn’t “High” a fine song or what? They hit the stage at 7:30 PM, so please be there early for them! It’s good for you.


Young Rising Sons

Whoever put this bill together knows his/her genres. Really, I am impressed with this collection of bands.

For tickets & more information, check out the Paramount Theatre’s event page.


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