Show Preview: Digitalism @ the Crocodile, Tuesday 11/4

German duo Digitalism are set to headline the Crocodile on Tuesday November 4th. Straight out of Hamburg, Jens and Isi create electronic songs you can dance to and feel mighty good around. I’m super excited about this show, as, you know, I love electronic music at all times. And one of the things that sets Digitalism apart from their kin is Jens’ vocals: they sound incredible, and not many electronic acts feature their own singers. Sure, it’s not always bad to feature a mix of singers in music – techno acts do that frequently (and Digitalism does as well: check out “Just Gazin'” with singer Cathe – but it’s extra cool to have an individual singer working the songs. Expect to hear tracks from both Digitalism albums, Idealism and I Love You, Dude, plus singles and perhaps some of their remixes of other artists.

2014-Digitalism-C Photo by YOSHINO
Digitalism – photo by Yoshino

Also, the Crocodile doesn’t usually have this kind of band, so it will be exciting to see what happens.

For more information head over to the Crocodile’s event page. Tuesday’s show is all ages.


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