Show Preview: Bumbershoot – Day 1 w/Elvis Costello and the Imposters, Youngblood Hawke, Writers of the Simpsons, Carmen Lynch & More – Saturday, August 30th

How this summer has flown by. No, it really has! First there were some very mild, rather chilly days of a Seattle summer, then there were weird hot days with warm rain and lightning, then there were. . . well, just what you expect from Seattle summer. Mildness. That mildness looks to be the trend for next weekend, and I am so grateful for that. We had so many great music shows this summer, and ready to cap off the season is this year’s Bumbershoot – an event I always look forward to.

For the first time Bumbershoot will feature EDM (that’s Electronic Dance Music, if you don’t know), comedy again appears to be a huge (and worthy) draw, plus a mix of local and national/international music acts who are set to wiggle into your eardrums. By no means exhaustive of all the action, here are some of my picks for day one of Bumbershoot, which begins on Saturday, August 30th.

11:45Fly Moon Royalty @ the Fisher Green Stage

Electro soul duo Fly Moon Royalty released its second EP this year. That album, titled Unfinished Business, uses singer Adra Boo’s smooth and sexy voice so effectively it’s just fantastic. And those sounds? Thank you, Michael Illvester! The band begins the festival – get there early.

Fly Moon Royalty


1:45Youngblood Hawke @ the End Zone Stage

It appears Memorial Stadium is doing double-duty for the first time (as I can recall anyway) with hosting headliners one one stage, and other bands on a smaller stage. One of the bands getting some extra exposure from this is Los Angeles’ Youngblood Hawke. Created after the demise of Iglu Hartly, Youngblood Hawke’s also got music of pop-sensibility. And they’re live show is entertaining and includes tons of wild drumming.

Youngblood Hawke -‘s Alice Katz – photo by Dagmar


2:00SZA @ the Fountain Lawn Stage

SZA (born Solana Rowe) ia an R&B artist/singer, with a voice I am so in love with! Her songs are pure awesome confections, and I insist you catch her set. You will like this New Jersey-based woman.



2:45Matt Braunger @ the Playhouse

Comedian Matt Braunger appears on Saturday, Sunday AND Monday at the festival. Braunger, who’s also an actor and writer, is probably best-known for his work on MADtv, but he’s a stand-up comedian first. The clip below, where he discusses “Lonely Man Dinners,” shows some of his comedic prowess.

Matt Braunger


3:30The Lonely Forest @ the Fountain Lawn Stage

Anacortes, Washington’s the Lonely Forest have allegedly called it quits, but they’ll have what I think is their final show at Bumbershoot. If you’ve been a fan at all, go cheer them on – and give thanks – to the creative quartet.

The Lonely Forest‘s John Van Deusen – photo by Abby Williamson


4:30Carmen Lynch & Pete Holmes @ Comedy at the Playhouse

The brilliant, and very tall comedian Carmen Lynch makes an appearance this year! Lynch was a semi-finalist on Last Comic Standing. I don’t know who was judged funnier than she is. “I still think money makes you happy. I don’t have any, but it looks that way. I cried in a Mercedes once, and it wasn’t that bad. I could be rich and depressed. It’s so comfortable.”

Carmen Lynch


Pete Holmes was the voice of the E*Trade baby. That’s some solid cred. The comedian has had his own TV show, and a popular podcast, You Made It Weird. He seems to do a bit of everything, and he’ll have a magical show (refer to clip below for reference, please).

Pete Holmes


5:30Iska Dhaaf @ the Pavilion Stage

Sorry Seattle, your own Iska Dhaaf moves to New York soon, so take advantage of being able to see them before they leave. This duo plays ’60s-inspired, danceable songs you will be totally into. Another act I think you should not miss.

Iska Dhaaf – photo by Abby Williamson


6:15Elvis Costello and the Imposters @ the Mainstage

Elvis Costello and the Imposters, one of the huge draws for the weekend, hits the Mainstage with an emphasis on Costello’s songs over the years, but a few newer songs and renditions should make an appearance. The Mainstage will fill up fast for this. As always, get there early when Costello is involved. You don’t want to miss any of this show.

Elvis Costello – photo by Andy Gotts


7:00 – Smrt Talk with the Writers of the Simpsons @ the Words & Ideas Stage

The Words & Ideas Stage will feature writers from the Simpsons, who will discuss their craft. You get the idea. Also get the idea that this event gets my award for most likely to create a riot. Why? Because the literary events fill up fast, and everybody will want to see this one.

The Simpsons


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