Interview: So Pitted at CHBP 2014

So Pitted Interview for Capitol Hill Block Party 2014

So Pitted played in the afternoon on Sunday at the Capitol Hill Block Party inside the Cha Cha. The performance was vibrantly earthy and raw. Earlier that morning I met up with the group at St. John’s for brunch. I wanted to get an update on what they had been up to. Since 2010, this neo-rock band has reeled a lot of people in with sounds displaying magnetic friend energy, and a new age philosophy. As you hit up shows, you will see an evolving pack that seem kinetically linked playing live. Sometimes people are just meant to be around each other – something you may notice by their psychic flow, such as finishing each other’s sentences, and always wearing corresponding outfits – without even knowing it – before they get together in person. So Pitted hit this year’s Capitol Hill Block Party festival and showed attendees what’s up, but I was curious to figure out how it all began. . .


When did So Pitted start & how did you come up with the name?

Nathan: So Pitted started four years ago. It was me, Tyler Everett, and our friend Hannah Peterson. The name came from the surfer YouTube video, but it has meant more recently. Hannah was only in the band for one show. Liam showed up one day. . .

Jeannine adds: I just got back from staying at Tyler’s house. (She was just in SF at her sister’s wedding.)


Liam: The name has had evolving meanings throughout the years. I first met them when I was exchanging gear at Cesar and Anna’s house, and I was like, what are you guys doing?

You guys have a rad friendship dynamic – tell me about that.

N: Well, I asked Jeannine to be in So Pitted based off our friendship. Jeannine and I worked together at Redlight. One night we were all drinking and playing music. We had various co-workers sign on for karaoke when they used to have it at Cha Cha. Then Jeannine got up, and her voice reminded me of Zach de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine, and I was blown away.

J: It does not.

N: Well that’s what I can remember it reminding me of. Two years ago, Tyler Everett, Michael Abeyta, Spike Taylor and I went over to Jeannine’s house (in the U-District).

J: We all got super cross-faded, listened to music, watched videos, played video games, ate food.


N: And stayed for 3 days, and didn’t want to leave.

J: That lasted all summer.

N: Tyler would say to me that we would listen to certain types of music and it would remind us of Jeannine.


J: We have a friendly dynamic. Everyone was so nice and we got along so easily and I see other bands and it seems so stressful. For me it’s not taxing to my mind. I was coming to all their shows, and they had to put me on the guest list so it made sense I became part of the band.

N: I was just going to add Jeannine to the band to play bass, but Tyler fell in love with a girl named Danielle and left for SF. It changed things of what I was going to have Jeannine do. I knew that she was not a bass player though.

J: At the show at Vermillion the first song I learned was, “He Lied,” an old So Pitted song we don’t play anymore. My friend Micheal tried to teach me a lot of real songs. Like “Adam’s Song” by Blink-182.

What signs are you?

J: Pisces with Aquarian tendencies.

N: Leo.

L: Gemini.


L: The band came together because of the galaxy. . . because Jeannine learned the songs too fast. And also it’s been a coincidence and the way we dress and we always seem to match. Like the other day for example Jeannine and I wore the same thing and Nathan was the perfect contrast. Sometimes the universe just does things itself without too much pressure. Like it has something to do with planets, and the more we play music the more we become connected mentally. It’s like we can talk telepathically.

N: Jeannine has a heightened sense of time and so many musicians don’t get it the way you do. Like Liam will wear a thermal with shorts, and somedays like we choose the same colors that we don’t normally share.

J: We don’t need words we just know.


all photos by Marz