Special Report: Coolio @ Nectar

Special Report: Coolio @ Nectar, June 8th 2014


Our photographer was unable to attend, but our interviewer sent me this note:

What a fun night! I hit up the show with a group of girlfriends who purchased tickets. The crowd was really energetic and excited to see Coolio perform. Every opener talked about how excited they were to be sharing the stage with him – it was really cool to see them paying their respects to the legend.

My crew was really into the new SpaceGoast material. They drew the crowd in immediately and got the fans ready for the main event. When Coolio came to the stage there was a palpable surge in the excitement of the audience as the crowd bounced and sang along. He hit us with “Fantastic Voyage” pretty early in. I love it when artists play their radio hits throughout the show instead of waiting for the end. It makes sure that the casual fans have as much fun at the show as the hardcore fans, and with a set start time of nearly midnight on a Sunday I think it was a great way to keep the masses engaged. Coolio seemed to want to connect with everyone in between songs, telling stories and playing a bit with the audience and his crew. As he promised during my interview with him, Coolio managed to mix that personal interaction in with the music to make it a memorable experience!

Coolio returns to the Pacific Northwest on July 4th with a show at Clearwater Casino!


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