Show Preview: Jack Name @ Chop Suey, Wed. 1/29

I don’t even need to know a thing about the plot of Light Show, new release by Jack Name, in order to love this album. It’s a theme album, that is an album concerning itself with a plot throughout. I’m here for the music first and then the lyrics. Sorry, that’s just how I got acquainted the album. Jack Name is the second (wait third, fourth?) name of Los Angeles’ John Webster Adams. He’s also done other projects, such as Muzz and Fictionals. And he’s White Fence‘s drummer. But I’m getting a bit off-topic. This creature Jack Name is here on Wednesday at Chop Suey. He probably won’t be able to perform the entire album live, but whatever he selects I think will be some mysterious stuff. My favorite track is “Pure Terror,” and I am sure we’ll hear this one.

Pure Terror.mp3

Jack Name


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