Show Review & Photos: Pop. 1280 @ Chop Suey

Pop. 1280 @ Chop Suey, 11/13
Show Review & Photos by Dagmar

The unconventional band Pop. 1280 made a recent appearance at Chop Suey. I only found out about the band this summer, and immediately loved their strange and rather unsettling music. That disconcerting feeling was in their live set as well. Mostly there was a sense of anger. And how anger can fill a room. Their sound, twisting and isolating, brought forth songs such as “The Control Freak,” “Do the Anglerfish,” and “Beg Like a Human” – the thing about dogs, is that they don’t know what they’re doing/I want you to beg, like a human!. I think this New York band is just so great, from their synth influence to whatever the heck else makes them tick. Thank you Pop. 1280, for something different and brutal.





Pop. 1280


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