Show Preview & Album Review: Eternal Fair Releases The Horse That Carries the Wheel @ Columbia City Theater, Fri. 4/12

Eternal Fair (album release show)
w/ The Hoot Hoots + Daniel Blue (Motopony) & Micah Simler
Friday April 12, 2013 @ The Columbia City Theater
8PM Doors | $8 Adv/ $10 Doors | 21+

The cover of Eternal Fair’s ambitious new album, The Horse That Carries the Wheel features a snow-capped mountain peak front and center. It becomes evident almost immediately that’s the location they were shooting for with this album. The title tracks, part one and two, bookend this slightly psychedelic journey by asking, “What heaven what hell have we here?”


Andrew Vait is a trained vocalist and is backed powerfully by Chris Jones and Daniel Nash, who provide the strong rhythm foundation that allows the vocals, guitar and Wurlitzer to float, wander and soar. Eternal Fair invites the influences of the 20th century and the 21st century prog-rock party. “Time for Sleep” is one of those epic songs that you can equate to those three-hour films that are so good they seem to be much shorter. This song, at seven minutes, seems much too short. Vait’s vocals on this one sound almost Michael Stipe-ish. The music has hints of The Who, Rush and Pink Floyd.

Talking about Floyd, Eternal Fair blends influences of their early stuff with a little Queen and some Magical Mystery Tour-era Beatles, updating it for 2013 in another sonic masterpiece, “Tommy Moore.”

The arrangement and vocal harmonies of “Donny’s Impossible Dream” make for an incredibly fun song. Here Vait breaks out his falsetto to great effect. This all leads up to “Brightest Star,” a song that builds slowly, beautifully and breaks out into an all-encompassing wall of sound. The production of Chris Matthews Jr. is never too heavy-handed, providing just the right amount of shine.

To answer the question posed by the first track you’ll have to judge for yourself but, to me, this is one of the most creative and enjoyable albums of the year. Much more heaven than hell in these notes.

As great as Eternal Fair is on this album, they are just as great if not better live. Andrew Vait is an amazing vocalist and musician. Just like on the album, Chris Jones and Daniel Nash provide a rock-solid rhythm foundation from which to launch into the atmosphere. They’re holding the album release show this Friday, April 12, 2013, at the Columbia City Theater. If you’re in the mood for an amazing rock show I suggest you be there.

Why not pick up the new album as well?
~Chris Senn


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