MP3 Downloads: Cheers Elephant, Siddhartha & Variety Lights

Like Wind Blows Fire, Cheers Elephant‘s third release came out in April. The Philadelphians have shared with the world, for free, track number two off the album, “Doin’ It, Right.” I dig this.

Doin’ It, Right.mp3

Cheers Elephant

Siddhartha call themselves a Drone Beast, or Dashiki-Shoegaze on their Facebook page. That’s kind of intriguing. If you’re in San Franciso or Los Angeles you might catch them performing live. I like this song, “The Fire Next Time.”

The Fire Next Time.mp3

Siddhartha – photo by Zack Wojcik

Mercury Rev’s David Baker has a new project, Variety Lights, with Will MacLean. “Silent Too Long” is an interesting track off the band’s debut album, Central Flow.

Silent Too Long.mp3

Variety Lights