MP3 Downloads: Fay Wrays, The Corduroy Road & Lioness

California’s Fay Wrays share a new song of theirs called “Cars.” The band’s press release includes this review: “Whatever you call Fay Wrays, you can’t call them shit.” I agree.


Fay Wrays

“Love You Can’t Shake” by The Corduroy Road is the next MP3 for today. The Athens, Georgia band hits the road this month on an album release tour for their album, Two Step Silhouette.

Love You Can’t Shake.mp3

Corduroy Road – photo by Patrick Blount

I love cats, so you know I had to listen to a band who called itself Lioness. I’m kind of frightened by the song title “Clips The Wings of Birds.” I mean, yikes. The song is very unique though.

Clips The Wings of Birds.mp3



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