Show Review & Photos: LMFAO @ KeyArena

LMFAO @ KeyArena, June 2nd
Show Review & photos by Dagmar

What’s your definition of fun? If you’re in an LMFAO song it’s champagne, a pool, dancing (ahem, shufflin’), drinking (natch shots), working out and maybe a hot dog. There’s other fun stuff too, but this is the bulk of the good life according to LMFAO. It’s also just what the audience, predominantly in their early 20s, ordered.


As I prepared to leave for the show on Saturday night I looked over what I might wear. My top with the shiny red lips on it was dirty, and I just didn’t feel like wearing my white tiger shirt. I kind of regretted not wearing either, as there was more tiger and leopard print in the venue than I may have seen before in one place. I missed a moment to blend little. Also there were – you guessed it – many shirts with mouths on them! The lovely lady next to me wore a tiger top and leopard pants. Why not?

I’m betting that LMFAO is a polarizing band. Music critics probably like to complain about them because they make catchy tunes and people actually listen to them. Fans probably love them because they can relate to the songs, and if not relate, they can laugh at the funny lyrics. I put myself into the latter category, the one who probably has the higher capacity to be entertained and a little light-hearted about the whole thing.


That LMFAO creates a good pop song is not debatable. Whether you like pop music, well, that’s the question. If you are at an LMFAO show and you do not crack at least one smile, you’re probably a zombie. The duo is cheerful, and they surround themselves onstage with dancers, inflated zebras, bright lights, a dancing pink bear who DJs, and most important – they surround themselves with a sense of humor about themselves and about their audience. Through the entire show they made sure the audience was in on whatever they did, whether that was dancing like fiends during “Shots,” “Yes,” “Party Rock Anthem,” “I’m in Miami Bitch,” partying during “Sorry for Party Rocking” or performing the love songs “La La La” “Reminds Me of You” and “One Day.”

LMFAO has a knack for mixing the dirty with the sweet, and nowhere was this better displayed than in “Champagne Showers” and “I Am Not a Whore.” My favorite parts of the night were “Hot Dog,” a hilarious and excellent disco piece that included a dancer in a hot dog costume, “Sexy and I Know It,” and “I Am Not a Whore.” For “Sexy and I Know It” Redfoo danced only in silver underpants, while SkyBlu joined him in skimpy underpants with a toy stuffed elephant head hanging from the front. You can picture this, right? When they sang wiggle wiggle wiggle it was just perfect. “I Am Not a Whore” was inspired – it’s a song you should check out for sure (They say I look yummy and they want a taste, but I’m a human not a sandwich). When introducing the song Redfoo singled out a woman in the front with, “I am looking into your eyeballs and you are looking at my balls.”

LMFAO can deceive you with their music jester roles. They’re smart jesters – don’t doubt that.



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