Show Preview: Escape the Fate @ Showbox Market, Mon. 4/16

One of my son’s favorite bands is returning to the the Seattle area after opening up the main stage in last year’s Uproar Festival at White River Amphitheatre in October. Escape the Fate will be playing The Showbox (Market) on April 16. They are known for their heavy riffing, hardcore sound and they manage to bring something new to every tour. This tour is called “This World is Ours,” which is a spin off of their second studio album of the same title. Though they have changed band members numerous times, there is nothing stopping them from continuing to head out on the road and bringing music to their fans. Escape the Fate’s lead singer, Craig Mabbit, has recently released a few songs on his own in a solo project, which is bound to bring in more people for the show. A direct quote from my son: “I know it’s a Monday night, but make it the greatest night ever by attending Escape the Fate at the Showbox.” Attack Attack! is co-headlining, and also on the bill are The Word Alive, Mest and Secrets. As of publication of this article, tickets are still available.
~Heather Fitzpatrick & Riley

Craig Mabbit of Escape The Fate, Uproar Festival 10-1-11 – photo by Heather Fitzpatrick

Tix & more details.


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