MP3 Downloads: Sad Face, Sundress & Abstract Artimus

Sad Face‘s second release, an EP titled Cheer Yourself Up, will be out on March 3, 2012. The band has shared a song from it, “Red Chair,” for us all to enjoy. The EP will include four tracks, and follows the band’s debut, Gosh Darn!. I am very much looking forward to more from Sad Face, and I think you’ll like this fantastic song.

Red Chair.mp3

Cover art for Red Chair

Denton, Texas’ (same town as Eisley) Sundress leak two songs, “Derelict” and “Thirteen,” from their self-titled album. This is awesome stuff. Plus, as shown in below photo, they hang out with at least one unicorn. Love.




I’m also adoring a song called “27 Club” off Abstract Artimus‘s 2011 release, Rite of Passage. One of the terms used to describe his sound on the New Yorker’s bandcamp page is “boogie.”

27 Club.mp3

Abstract Artimus


One thought on “MP3 Downloads: Sad Face, Sundress & Abstract Artimus

  1. Abstract Artimus is one hell of a songwriter, musician & performer! The guy brings it 110%…his *LIVE* shows kill!!! Go watch his 400 Bar show in Minneapolis, Minnesota from October 16th, 2011 as proof. Artimus appears to be deservingly next in line for something big! He has all the tools and the act to pull it off. What popular band/record label is going to stake a claim to saying they were the first to discover him? Whoever they are, they better hurry.

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