MP3 Downloads: Yoko Ono, Run Dan Run & Crown Point

Yoko Ono‘s classic, “Give Me Something,” gets a makeover in this “reinvention.” I always had a soft spot for the original version. Sure, this remix came out a while ago but it just might be new to you. Enjoy.

Cover art for “Give Me Something” (Sparks Reinvention)

Give Me Something (Sparks Reinvention).mp3

Charleston, South Carolina’s Run Dan Run share two songs, “Box-Type Love” and “Love Sick Animal,” from their album Normal. Normal is the band’s debut full-length, and these two songs reveal a promising sound.

Box-Type Love.mp3
Love Sick Animal.mp3

Run Dan Run – photo by Megan Elger

“And the princess sleeps with wolves. . .,” sing Portland’s Crown Point in their lovely song, “Wolves.” I really like this song. It’s very cool sounding. The group is working on their first album, right now.


Crown Point – photo by Russell Stafford


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