Videos: Little Deadman, Saint Motel & Electric Six

Have you ever wanted to see a one-take video of a guy eating ice cream? Probably no, maybe yes. In any case, here’s your chance in the video for Little Deadman‘s “Post Helado Madness.” Watch that ice cream change color. Think about how cool it would be if ice cream actually did that. Mood ice cream any one, with mood flavor? When I featured an MP3 download of this song, I mentioned how helado is Spanish for ice cream (cognate to gelato – get it?).

Post Helado Madness from little deadman on Vimeo.

Fancy dancing and the injuries it might involve get dramatized in Saint Motel‘s “Puzzle Pieces.” Warning: the vomiting in this video is pretty gross, but brief.

Saint Motel – photo by Liza Mandelup

I came across this video for Electric Six‘s “I’m the Bomb” when I needed to hear this song and my iPod wasn’t handy. Sure it came out a few years ago, but I hadn’t seen it before, and it’s funny. And it’s a great song.


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