Photos: Mystery Ship @ the Tractor Tavern

Mystery Ship, an extra solid rock band from Seattle headlined at the Tractor Tavern for a show that included The Magic Mirrors and Panama Gold. I’ll have my pix of Panama Gold ready very soon, and you can check out my pix of The Magic Mirrors here. You’ll be able to see Mystery Ship this Saturday, August 27th when they play the Blue Moon. I recommend attendance.

Mystery Ship – all photos by Dagmar

Gallery of Mystery Ship @ the Tractor Tavern


2 thoughts on “Photos: Mystery Ship @ the Tractor Tavern

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  2. Wow! Absolutely STUNNING! The songs they write are mesmerizing and very unique…on the edge. Its a must to take the time to catch every word. Each band member is very talented and puts his whole heart and soul into every note played. I want to see more of this band perform. The pics are great and well done. However we need another one or two color pics of drummer. This band is definitely on it’s way!

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