Show Review & Photos: Olin and the Moon @ the High Dive

Olin and the Moon is magnificent. The Californian band played the High Dive last Tuesday, and their show and music were compelling beyond what I’d expected – and I had high expectations. They have an extremely tight yet relaxed feeling to their sound. It’s country, it’s rock, it’s got some pop in it and it all mixes together to make a noise that will possess you. Their CDs Footsteps and Terrible Town were represented most strongly by “Say Goodbye” and “Burro Blanco” and “Terrible Town,” but every damn song this band does is extraordinary. I’m told they should return here in October, so get your music loving bodies to their next show. And bands – check them out and learn.

Olin and the Moon – show review & all photos by Dagmar

Gallery of Olin and the Moon
Gallery 2 of Olin and the Moon


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