MP3 Downloads: Tristen, California Wives & Solvents

Each artist in today’s MP3 downloads’ feature has released two MP3s for sharing! The first couple MP3s come from the Nashville-based Tristen, whose songs “Baby Drugs” and “Eager for Your Love” are so great. I cannot wait to hear more from her.

Baby Drugs.mp3
Eager for Your Love.mp3


California Wives give us a 2fer in the form of “Purple” and “Blood Red Youth,” two instantly appealing songs. Have a listen to more of their songs here.

Blood Red Youth.mp3

California Wives

“We Were Guests Here” and “Forgive Your Blood” are two songs by the Port Townsend, Washington band Solvents. Absolutely amazing stuff.

We Were Guests Here.mp3
Forgive Your Blood.mp3



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