Photos: Kaki King @ The Triple Door, 3-11-11

Kaki King wowed the standing room only audience at the Triple Door on Friday with her unique fretwork played on eight different guitars that were frequently tuned by her guitar tech, Anna Morsett. Kaki was joined by Dan Brantigan on trumpet near the end of her set. Kaki also commented that she was honored to have Megan Washington open for her. While not well-known in the States, she’s quite popular in Australia and I intend to see her again at SXSW later this week.

Anna Morsett

Dan Brantigan

Megan Washington


One thought on “Photos: Kaki King @ The Triple Door, 3-11-11

  1. I meet you tonight, and, Woooooooo. You are so great!!! (please, can you apologies me, my english is not the best, but, you touch me whit your 6strings capacities and your lovely face…. Enjoy what you do. It’s so pure! You have a very big power in your hands (and in your soul???)Thanks, very thanks. Your french friend, Cédric.

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