MP3 Downloads: Hard Nips, AM & Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Hard Nips is a Brooklyn, NY-based girl band: Yoko Nips, Gooch Nips, Mariko Nips and Emi Nips. Their facebook page lists their interests as better sushi, better sex, more rock n roll. Below is an mp3 of “Release It” for you:

Release It.mp3

Hard Nips

AM‘s new album, Future Sons & Daughters just came out last week. Check out an excellent song, “Darker Days,” off the CD:

Darker Days.mp3


Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.‘s “Vocal Chords” gets remixed by Diego and the Dissidents in the final mp3. Nice one!:

Vocal Chords (Diego and the Dissidents Remix).mp3

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.


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