Photos & Review: Drew Grow and the Pastor’s Wives “CD” Release

Whatever expectations there were going into the Drew Grow and the Pastor’s Wives cd release at Columbia City Theater on Saturday were blown completely out of the water. Getting there a little later wasn’t the plan, but it’s what ended up happening. Which actually turned out to be a perfect situation. Pablo Trucker’s set was half over, unfortunately, but what was left was a fantastic half-set. If this band had been around in the early nineties in Kentucky, I may not have hated country-rock so very much.  As it is, that opinion may be changed. At least enough to let these guys into the play-list rotation.

Drew Grow and the Pastor’s Wives are really difficult and super easy to describe so i’ll leave it at heart-wrenchingly good. They’ve been streaming their new album online for a couple weeks until the official release on September the 14th. In true hipster style (and that’s not a dig by any means, just an observation) they are only releasing these new tracks digitally and in LP form. No actual cds will be made according to the lead singer, “so don’t ask” he half-jests early on in their set. What occurred on the stage after that was nothing less than a soulful arrangement of pure musical magic.  There was more than one person wiping tears from their eyes after Drew Grow sang a piercing solo acoustic version of “Premonition”  You can watch the video I nabbed of it below as well as a few photos, but nothing can really capture the emotion shared between the crowd and musicians. You can see a couple more photos in the flickr set as well

Drew Grow and the Pastor’s Wives








Pablo Trucker