Show Review & Photos: Lifehouse, Daughtry, and Cavo @ Yakima Valley Sundome

So this marks my first gig in Yakima. Normally the big name acts go to either the Tri-Cities, or Seattle. So when I heard Daughtry was coming, I had to jump all over that one.

To be honest, I actually got made fun of for shooting this gig by my friend Daria who said to me via Facebook, “Daughtry??? I will let this one pass, but if I find out you went to a Creed concert, Mr T and I will drive the black A-Team van over to Yakima to stage an intervention. “I pity da foo who listens to Daughtry!!!”

First up was Cavo, whom I had never even heard of, but my girlfriend knew of their music (I don’t listen to Yakima radio). They had a short set of only 5 songs, but overall the crowd ate it up.

Next up was Lifehouse, which i will say this, THEY STOLE THE SHOW! Not only were they fun to see live, but also fun to shoot. I kind of hold them up to Tonic, whom I had the privilege to shoot last year at Snoqualmie Casino. The crowd went nuts the entire time they were on stage.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad show by all means. But I feel Lifehouse should of been the headliner… Then again if Lifehouse and Tonic would tour together, I would be all over that in a minute.

~ By: Xander Deccio





One thought on “Show Review & Photos: Lifehouse, Daughtry, and Cavo @ Yakima Valley Sundome

  1. Great photos!!! Lighting, angles, patience of getting great shots, uniqueness of getting shots that most people do not even think about.

    Thanks for coming to the show and taking photos, love to see these.

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