Show Review: Russell Brand @ the Moore

Russell Brand performed a stand-up comedy set at the Moore on Friday night. The Brit played to a predominantly female audience (there’s no surprise – he’s quite the gorgeous and witty man). What did come as some surprise was Brand’s more casual appearance. Gone were the black clothes, chains and spiky hair. Dressed in a shirt with an American flag print, jeans and white cowboy boots, he relied more on his words and actions to tell his anecdotes – and this makes sense.

Brand got some serious notoriety in America when he hosted the MTV VMAs and appeared in the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I first saw him when he was the host of the NME Awards in 2006 and have caught him on numerous talk shows. It’s always entertaining to hear him talking about anything really. Now he’s an American celebrity and a good amount of his current material draws on this new status. He still seems to feel the alienation of making that George Bush joke at the VMAs, he’s trying to get up to speed on the American cultural phenomena that is Twilight, and he has to deal with fans wanting him to take pix of them with his fiancée, Katy Perry.

He’s an established comedian with a prowling, leonine presence. To me he was probably best when he talked about sending an email to Serena Williams after meeting her at a talk show they both appeared on. He asked her on a date: “Congratulations on being so good at tennis,” closing out with “a respectful kiss.” That he also mentioned in his email something about Monica Seles’ back problem was horrifically funny. An account of a threesome including a male friend of his was also very funny.

Russell Brand – photo courtesy of Brand’s facebook


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