MP3 Downloads: Richard Morel, Earl Greyhound, Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!, We Have Band & New Young Pony Club

I am getting more and more free mp3s these days and I totally encourage this. Keep them coming, please. In an effort to be fair I am going to share the ones I am allowed to share with you and hope you like them too. Some I come across in my wanderings and will link out to other sites’ downloads. The first installment seems to be very animal-oriented. Here are some I recently received:

Divisive (Carl Craig Mix).mp3 by We Have Band
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We Have Band

Shoegazer Disco (Roberto Rodriguez Vox Edit).mp3
by Richard Morel
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Richard Morel

Ghost and the Witness.mp3 by Earl Greyhound
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Earl Greyhound

Ride/Friendship.mp3 by Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!
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Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!

We Want 2 by New Young Pony Club
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New Young Pony Club

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