Photos: Owl City, LIGHTS & Paper Route @ the Paramount (Part 1)

Alex Crick was at the Owl City, LIGHTS and Paper Route show at the Paramount on Thursday night and returned with these superbly beautiful shots. These bands are really tremendous subjects and I think Owl City’s the Bird and the Worm is quite charming. I also like what I have heard from the other two bands so even though I missed this show I can enjoy Alex’s and Elisa Sherman’s pix. The evening also included a Blake Lewis sighting.

Owl City 03

Owl City 01

Owl City 02

Owl City 04

Owl City 05

Owl City 06

Owl City 07

Owl City 08

Owl City 09

Owl City 10
Owl City

Lights 01

Lights 02

Lights 03

Lights 04

Lights 05

Lights 06

Lights 07

Lights 08

Paper Route 01

Paper Route 02

Paper Route 03
Paper Route

Blake Lews 01

Blake Lews 02
Blake Lewis was on hand

Owl City Fan

Owl City Marque

Owl City Merch
Atmosphere at Owl City


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