Show Previews: Wig Bash 2010, Fri. 4/2 & Sat. 4/3

Wig Bash 2010 happens Friday, April 2nd at the High Dive in Seattle and Saturday, April 3rd at Sunset Junction in Spokane. WigPR, brainchild of Ashley Graham, celebrates the 4th Wig Bash with Shim, the Spinning Whips, Paris Spleen and Telepathic Liberation Army in Seattle, and Shim, Space Opera 77, the Globes and Paris Spleen in Spokane.


Ashley was also editor of her music site, the Wig Fits All Heads, which she wrote for and began in 2004. The Wig was a forerunner of local music sites, as it offered reviews, interviews, photos and contests (of Seattle bands, Spokane bands and bands from beyond) and I can confidently say that Ashley was the first editor to give me a chance in this field. She motivated me and appreciated my contributions. She let me write too. Ashley’s talent, energy, creativity, support and unique musical knowledge continue to inspire me. She’s branched out more into PR, though it would not surprise me if the Wig should pick up again too. I can hope! She can do it all.

So join me in showing some love for Ashley and these great lineups she has put together. You will see:

Shim – photo by Dagmar

the Spinning Whips – photo by Dagmar

Paris Spleen

Telepathic Liberation Army

Space Opera 77

the Globes



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