Show Previews: Kerretta @ the Sunset; the Royal Bear, Stereo Upstairs & Kids and Animals @ Nectar Tues. 3/30

Kerretta has come to the States all the way from New Zealand – you can make it to Ballard’s Sunset on Tuesday evening to see them. The band, who plays some seriously heavy and swelling rock, was at SXSW earlier this month and there are no vocals to get in the way of their massive sounds. You can download a couple of their songs for free off their website.


Also The Royal Bear, Stereo Upstairs and Kids and Animals play Nectar in Fremont. I haven’t seen Stereo Upstairs yet but the other two bands are a couple of my favorite local bands. You can’t lose whether you’re in Fremont or Ballard on Tuesday night.


Check out the music calendar for more shows.


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