Show Preview: Xiu Xiu @ Northern All Ages Project, Tues. 3/23

Photographer/writer Nicky Andrews is heading to our state capital, Olympia tomorrow to catch Xiu Xiu when they play Northern, an all ages venue. Group leader Jamie Stewart has released a Xiu Xiu album nearly every year since 2002. That is prolific. Xiu Xiu’s latest album is Dear God, I Hate Myself and its title track moves with the words: And I will always be nicer to the cat/than I am to you.

photo courtesy of Xiu Xiu’s MySpace

On March 7th Stewart announced on their website that the band is having a fundraiser while on tour for At the Crossroads, an organization in San Francisco that aims to help homeless youth:

While on tour, we are doing a fundraiser for At the Crossroads.

We are asking for donations of any amount, and there will be small but hopefully nice and desirable thank-you gifts.

$1 (show only): Everyone who donates a dollar or more at the show will get together at the end of the show for a big group picture. The band will then post these pictures online.

$5: The band will mail you a postcard, made by Xiu Xiu, sent while on the road.

$10: Xiu Xiu will email a one-of-a-kind picture of the band on the road and a description of what’s going on before and after, not during.

$30: The band will mail you any random thing bought at a gas station, thrift store, or anywhere from the road.

$50: The band will mail you a special David Horvitz collection of Xiu Xiu photos.

If we reach a collective $5000 in donations, we will release a FREE download of a previously unreleased collaboration with Mary Pearson from High Places.

Also at the end of the fundraiser, we will read the name of every donor on camera and post the video online.


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