Show Review & Photos: SXSW Sendoff Show at Neumos

Several bands headed down to Austin, Texas later this month for SXSW had a sendoff show on Friday night in front of a capacity crowd at Neumo’s in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.



The night started off with Chris Mansfield’s, Fences. I’ve seen Chris play a number of times now, but usually he has been playing stripped-down sets with just him or one or two other musicians. However, this time, he had a full band with backing vocals which added another dimension to his songs. Two of those musicians would play later in the night as members of Hey Marseilles, but next up was Mash Hall.



Mash Hall

Formerly known at They Live, Mash Hall is a project of Larry Mizell Jr. (of the Stranger and Cancer Rising fame). They brought high energy and prolific dance moves to the stage in a set that didn’t quite fit in with the rest of the bill, but fun all the same. They featured a guest rapper and their own dancer, who featured numerous costume changes.





Hey Marseilles

Hey Marseilles, whom I simply can’t get enough of, followed with a 7-member precision drum team on stage complementing their own 7-piece band to open their set. The additional drummers really filled the room, both figuratively and literally. Despite the fact that the band had to catch a 6 a.m. flight the next day for an East Coast tour, they still brought it. I believe the plan was to leave it all out on stage and then, stay up all night, pack, and sleep on the plane. I hope that worked out for you guys.

Finally, it was Visqueen‘s turn to grace the stage. Rachel Flotard started her set up on stage, with only the cello player, to sing one of her favorite songs, So Long. After that, Ben Hooker, and the rest of the band joined her on stage, and they proceeded to rock the fuck out.

Great show. Great bands. Great time.




Review and photos by Dan Muller/Trickshot Photography


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