Interview: Faustine Hudson

Interview by Mason Lowe

As an excellent drummer who sets up benefit shows between national tours and recording dates, Faustine Hudson stands out in a Seattle scene already packed with big-hearted, skilled musicians.

I met Faustine at Bedlam Coffee to talk about her latest benefit effort, Luvin’Haiti, her happy foot, and the letter “B.”

“Luvin’Haiti” is not the first benefit you’ve organized. How do you get going on something like this?

Usually I start on a benefit during a completely chaotic point in my life! When I got started on what became “Luvin’Haiti,” I was moving, getting ready to go on tour, and staying on a friend’s couch.

But when I first saw the news about the earthquake, I felt like somebody kicked me in the gut. I picked up the phone and called Greg Garcia at the Tractor Tavern and asked for the first available date. I sent out a million emails and put a bill together. I was out record shopping and spotted Jeff Taylor (organizer of Hattie’s Hat’s ”Hoot for Haiti”). I’d been trying to get in touch with him, so I cornered him and we ended up putting our resources together and setting the goal of raising $5,000. In the end, we donated over $6,600 to the Red Cross Haiti relief fund.

The night of the show, I thought to myself, “Well, I’m either going to fail miserably or it’s gonna be radical. I’m just glad it was radical!”


I love your drumming style. Very loose and groovy, but with some serious oomph from the kick drum.

I have a heavy foot. It’s happy, but it’s heavy.

Ever want to branch out from drumming?

I dream of not being trapped behind a drum kit.


Maybe not trapped. You’ve seen me play and I’m all over the place! But I have dreams of busting out some sick guitar moves.

Good drummers are hard to find. How many bands are you in these days?

I’m about to head out on the road with Chain and the Gang (playing the Comet March 4), I play with Whalebones and Eugene Wendell and the Demon Rind. There’s more. I just like to have lots going on.

Serious “women in music” question alert! In a dude-heavy scene, what are the advantages of being a woman?

I don’t consider myself a “female musician.” I’ve been doing this for 19 years – since I was little, and I’m here to play ball in the big leagues. All that matters is how it sounds. My advantage is being a good drummer in a world full of guitar players … but I do love that I get to wear high heels.

What are you listening to these days?

Bunalim, an old psych band from . . . Turkey? I’ve also been listening to the Stones’ Beggars Banquet. Lots of Buzzcocks, lately, too. If it starts with a ‘B,’ I’m into it.



4 thoughts on “Interview: Faustine Hudson

  1. Nice piece, good to see coverage of a new face. Will catch next time in Seattle.

  2. Faustine kicks ass all over town. Great interview, too bad it’s not longer! Part 2 maybe?

  3. I know Faustine from old school Queen Anne Melting Pot days. She’s always been awesome. It’s great to read about her doing so well, and keeping the rock alive.

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