Photos & Video: Boat & Grudge Rock @ the Crocodile

Boat took part in Grudge Rock on Saturday, battling Head Like a Kite. Though Boat lost the trivia game, they played a marvelous set. They next open for Presidents of the United States of America at the Showbox Market on February 13th. I’ve got more photos of Boat and the Grudge Rock match ready. Also here’s another video from Kirsten Buckman, this one of Boat.

grudge1 370

grudge1 353

grudge1 421

grudge1 367

grudge1 622

grudge1 439

grudge1 058

grudge1 030

grudge1 690

grudge1 194

grudge1 182

grudge1 034
The Grudge Match Between Boat & Head Like a Kite
all photos by Dagmar

Gallery of Boat
Gallery of Grudge Rock


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