Photos & Review: Eva Ellingsworth and Robert Deeble at Sunset Tavern

All photos by Nate Watters

I recently had the chance to see Eva Ellingsworth, who flew all the way over from Amsterdam to play a show at the Sunset Tavern with Robert Deeble and Molly McCue. Okay, maybe Eva didn’t fly over just for the show, but with her soft, yet purposefully spoken voice she certainly put on a good one. At twenty-nine years old, Eva is a long way from eight, the age at which she began playing piano though she still plays with incredible skill. With her technical guitar strumming in her song “New York City” one would never think Eva picked up a guitar for the first time just seven years ago. Her captivating hour-long set had everyone in the tavern dead-silent, seemingly ignorant to anything else happening in the world at the time. She had the whole bar clapping along to “Murder” and left us all wanting more after she finished “Jetlagged and Jaded”. It was a set full of upbeat, sometimes mildly dark songs laden with remnants of dreams and pieces of the past, indicative of a joyful life. Make sure to catch Eva next time she’s in town or the next time you happen to be in Amsterdam.





Robert Deeble was also in the house with his acoustic guitar, backed only by a drummer and a bass player. Despite the minimal amount of instruments used, the band managed to fill the tavern with wonderful sound. Guitar effects and intentional feedback were melded together over Deeble’s laid-back melodies to create an environment full of great energy.






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