Photos: Grudge Rock – Boat vs. Hide Like a Kite @ the Crocodile

The Crocodile was definitely the place to be last night as Grudge Rock featured a competition between Boat and Head Like a Kite. The evening started with round one of the bands answering trivia questions in Family Feud style emceed by Prof. Jake Stratton and Boat, in the lead, chose to perform their super set first. Following Boat’s set the bands played the second and final round of trivia, resulting in Head Like a Kite winning the evening. Boat received consolation prices, which included $20 towards Head Like a Kite merchandise, while the victors won all the door money. The night ended with a truly glorious performance by Head Like a Kite. I took some photos:

grudge1 714
Head Like a Kite Wins

grudge1 030
Boat Prepares – They Had a Strong Lead

grudge1 058
Prof. Jake Stratton

grudge1 706
Boat and Prof. Jake Stratton

grudge1 176
Boat and Head Like a Kite Face Off

grudge1 192

grudge1 534

grudge1 490

grudge1 591

grudge1 271

grudge1 064

grudge1 261

grudge1 145

grudge1 081

grudge1 094



grudge 758

grudge 426

grudge 213

grudge 015

grudge1 697
Head Like a Kite


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