CD Review: My Troubled Mind by the Gaslamp Killer

Los Angeles DJ, the Gaslamp Killer released his debut EP, My Troubled Mind in August 2009. The one sheet for his EP says he “experiments with freak-out synth effects and analog delays.” I had to listen to this EP if only for the reason it was described in those terms. I also had to listen because the music on his MySpace is sonic brilliance.

Brainfeeder Records

My Troubled Mind features seven songs, and each one is a dreamy experience. From Intro A’s evocation of a 70s cop movie soundtrack to Birthday’s I am falling into the quicksand of my troubled mind, it’s an EP of strange, stimulating sounds. Anything Worse offers a glimpse into an Ed Wood movie with its hovering, flying saucer like noises and metallic, scraping beat. Ruski Electric’s helicopter susurration is a near update of A Clockwork Orange. Another track, Baiafro seems to include whale noises. The EP is certain and filmic.

The Gaslamp Killer


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  1. it is really refreshing to see a music artist who is real and didnt let him becoming a star going to his head i not really in to rapp but i like his song maybe it is because they lyrics are so downto earth.

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