Photos and Artist Review: Macklemore and THEESatisfaction @ High Dive

Photos and review by Nate Watters

Seattle’s own Macklemore rocked High Dive the other night with THEESatisfaction, Dark Time Sunshine, and Candidt. Real hip hop at its finest, Macklemore raps passionately about real issues and the things that truly matter in life. OK, he also raps about the 80s, mullets, and tetherball but with a clear focus on having fun and being his own person, he certainly doesn’t waste his time on superficiality and the objectification of women. If you haven’t heard Macklemore yet, you need to now – he and Ryan Lewis just released a new EP: The VS., which is available for free download at his myspace.  Even if you aren’t a huge hip hop fan, this man is so talented and the beats are so catchy, you won’t be able to stop listening. I know I haven’t yet. Right up there with the Blue Scholars, Macklemore is most definitely one of the best hip hop artists the Northwest has to offer. Key tracks: “Irish Celebration Song”, “Otherside”

With a quirky song like, “Bisexual” and its unique electronic-infused beats and early-90s sound, THEESatisfaction could very easily be the new Salt n’ Pepa. The female duo busted out a lengthy, energetic set that had the crowd going the entire time. They were fun, had catchy beats, and were a blast to watch. The song “Icing” is the first time I’ve ever heard “Christ” used as a verb, as in: “Christing like I just left church”. Their myspace page only has about 95 hits, but I have a feeling that number will rise very quickly. You can help – check them out here: Thee Satisfaction Key tracks: “Bisexual”, “Icing”












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