Songs & News: Brent Amaker & the Rodeo Preview New Material

I received an excellent Christmas present last week in the form of two new Brent Amaker and the Rodeo songs. One, Man in Charge, is a beauty of a country dominance song. The other, Johnny’s Theme, is an excellent rodeo mood piece. Amaker says the CD probably won’t be out until mid-2010. I will wait impatiently. Until then you can hear both new songs on the band’s MySpace.

Brent Amaker & the Rodeo (with Ruby Mimosa) @ Reverb 2009 – photo by Alex Crick


2 thoughts on “Songs & News: Brent Amaker & the Rodeo Preview New Material

  1. Brent Amaker is a musical genius of the highest order. His music conjures post-dustbowl visions of celebration in the face of survival. He is the man that writes the country hits. Show us your tits.

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