Show Preview: 6th Annual Christmas Pageant & Midnight Mass @ the Blue Moon – Th Dec. 24th

The Blue Moon is hosting its 6th annual Christmas pageant and Midnight Mass this Thursday, December 24th. The event will feature performances by

Christmas Belles

Joe Howe, Nervous Energy, Nic Gonzales of the Curious Mystery & Brad Dunn, a puppet show by

Space Losers

and an appearance by Jesus and Satan. Country Mike DJs from 7pm – 9m for a special happy hour.

I had a few questions for Jason Josephes, organizer of the festivities (and participant), and here’s what he had to say:

Q:How did this tradition begin?

Jason Josephes: I needed money for a wooden leg. It seemed like the best way to raise funds at the time.

Q: What are some highlights of previous Midnight Masses?

JJ: I don’t think we’ve had any yet.

Q: Have audience members complained to you about any of the performances?

JJ: When haven’t they complained? That’s the question.

Q: What can we expect from Joe Howe and Country Mike?

JJ: Well, they’re not gonna kiss. I can tell you that much.

Q: Are there types of entertainment acts you’d definitely turn down for this show?

JJ: I’ll know them when I see them. Then no one else will see them. Not at this show, anyways.

Jason Josephes at the Blue Moon – photo by Amelia

Q: How many baby Jesuses have been involved in the shows?

JJ: The ones we taunt or the ones that get eaten?

Q: What’s your favorite Christmas song?

JJ: “Mambo #5” by Lou Bega.

Q: What do you expect Jesus’ reaction would be to these Masses?

JJ: Well, I’m sure he’s smelled worse things.

Q: Have you had any real priests speak at any of the shows?

JJ: Every year, but he’s never on his meds so things get a little crazy.

Q: And . . . a few hints about Jesus N’ Satan being on the bill?

No. Consider it covered with wrapping paper and marked “Do Not Open Until Xmas.”



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